Digital Marketing Defined

Digital Marketing can mean many different things. We focus on Screen Engine Optimization, Content Optimization, and Social Media Streamlining. Located in Los Angeles, California, we are able to serve companies in many locations remotely.

Screen Engine Optimization – Helping your customers find you. Search Engine Optimization is like having a good sign outside of a store; it is how customers get their first glimpse of a product, service, or business. This includes designating appropriate keywords, and building up back links.

Content Optimization – Providing your customers with the information they need, in a way that makes them want to learn more (and buy more). We’re committed to helping clients develop content that is most useful to their customers. We offer a range of content optimization services including, website copy, blog, video, and infographic generation.

Social Media Streamlining – Keeping the message you put out on point and on brand.