Why You Should Bother With Basic SEO

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SEO is screen engine optimization. Sometimes screen engine optimization or SEO refers to technical adjustments that can be made to a site during or after its design. These things might include adding AMP html code so that your site renders quickly on a mobile device, troubleshooting sitemap errors etc. Additionally, SEO can refer to how you organize the content on your site. It is crucial that you organize the content on your site in such a way that users are able to find things, but also in such a way that when search engine’s bots crawl your site, those bots can find things too. Small fixes like making sure your ALT Text describes a photo, that you utilize keywords (and synonyms), and that you work on establishing back links with other sites will help your PageRank every time.

It is important to bother with basic SEO, because your website is your sign post on the internet, and no matter how awesome your sign post is, if people cannot see it or find it, they are never going to go into your store (or visit your website, blog etc.). It’s also worth noting that as opposed to other sources on the internet like YELP, Trip Advisor, Facebook, Angie’s List etc., you control your message on your own website. So, no matter how good or bad your reviews, comments etc. may be on other platforms, it behooves you to have potential customers hear from you first. If you pay attention to how to optimize your site, you increase the odds that your site, not someone else’s, will pop up first when someone searches for a product or service you offer. Therefore, it will be you who has the opportunity to make your own pitch to your own potential customer first.

SEO is always a work in progress. Part of that is because the algorithms that search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing employ constantly change. It is also because as your business changes, so will your site, and therefore the optimization strategies you will want to employ will change too. So it is important not to get discouraged. Optimization can constitute a positive and significant ROI, but it also sometimes involves a little bit of guessing and checking to figure out what works best. What is crucial is that you decide to commit to figuring out what will work best for your site and your business.

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