About AP Consulting

All Purpose Consulting Group – not to be confused with flour…!

I started AP Consulting Group because I noticed a gap between what companies’ digital marketing needs were and what they could reasonably expect their full time staff to create and monitor. Moreover, I noticed that notwithstanding the numerous digital marketing tools that are out there, a lot of marketing and SEO still needs to be done, essentially, by hand. I called my consulting practice All Purpose Consulting Group, or AP Consulting Group, because when I worked as an associate producer (AP) on television shows, I was sometimes referred to as an ‘all purpose player’ because the job of an associate producer required that I be ready and willing to jump in to plug gaps that would move the production forward wherever necessary. To me, digital marketing and business development requires a similarly flexible yet determined approach.

I spent nearly ten years in television production, where I developed skills as a cross-functional team leader, and logistical organizer working under tight deadlines. In 2015, I graduated from the University of Southern California with an MBA. During my course, I completed a capstone consulting project for a major wine retailer. I had the opportunity to advise on a new marketing strategy with an eye toward brand development and growth. It was a wonderful experience, and I credit it with opening my eyes to the possibility of the positive role independent consultants can play in a given company. The experience made clear to me that the combination of trying to keep up with trends, software, etc. while actually running a business, can become a maddening tail chasing endeavor. Before my working life began, I attended Oxford University in the UK, where I earned an Honors B.A. in modern history.

In addition to my work at AP Consulting, I continue to work as an independent producer. I have worked with companies in the entertainment, recreation, law, food service, and medical device industries, among others. I look forward to hearing from you soon, and if you fill out your information on the ‘contact’ form, or email me directly at allpurposeconsultinggroup@gmail.com, we’ll be in touch!

Sarah Tooke